Help Wanted!

PS165Q Parent Volunteers Needed

These are areas where we need parent support the most.

Translators – Bilingual Buddies

  • Assist with translating at Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Assist with translating at the PTA General Membership Meeting
  • Assist with translating as needed to assist parents in-school

School Picture Day

  • Assist each class of students to prepare for taking their photo
  • Assisting the photographer with lining up the students on the stage
  • Assuring that all student classes on your list have been photographed

PTA Book Fair – Multi Day Event

  • Assist with setting up books each morning of the sale
  • Assisting with the actual book sale during the school day
  • Assisting with packing books and storing at the end of the day

PTA General Membership Meeting Support – Monthly

  • Assist with greeting Patents, Teachers and Students
  • SOTM Book Table Monitor
  • Pre-Meeting Setup
    • Set up Sign-In table with sign in sheets, pens, clipboards, copies of financial report, agenda, minutes, etc.
    • Prepare table with water and snacks
    • Prepare table to display books for Students of the Month
    • Bring up donation box and signage
  • After Meeting Assistance
    • Pack Student of the Month Books and return to storage
    • Return unused water and snacks to storage
    • Return tables to their original positions

Yearbook Support – Throughout School Year

  • This is an ongoing project throughout the school year
  • Assist with gathering student photos (baby photos, event photos, etc)
  • Assist with gathering information needed from each 5th grade class

Valentine’s Day Sale – Multi Day Event

  • Assist with filing orders and inflating balloons
  • Assist with delivering orders to student’s classrooms
  • Assist with gathering information needed from each 5th grade class

Student of the Month (SOTM) Support – Monthly

  • Assist with gathering student names for each class
  • Assist with preparing personalized award certificates
  • Assist with gathering inserts to be included in SOTM folder
  • Assist with labeling & assembling the SOTM Folders for presentation

BoxTops for Education (BTFE)

  • Assist with gathering, sorting and counting BTFE
  • Assist with preparing valid BTFE coupons for submission.

NEW! Website & Email Communications Support

  • Assist with gathering names and email addresses
  • Assist with posting events on the PTA Calendar
  • Assist with creating PTA Graphics, Fliers and mailings
  • Assist with maintaining Online PTA Store

NEW! PTA Store Support – as needed

  • Assist with preparing orders; delivering to classroom
  • Assist with maintaining PTA Store items; reordering

School Field Trips – as needed

  • Assist with ensuring safety during student transportation
  • Assist children with minor issues as they arrise
  • Accompany children to the restrooms


EKB Volunteer Interest

Here are some of the areas we need the extra help of our parents. We encourage you to select the items that interest you. We appreciate whatever time you have, be it an hour a week or an hour on a single day =)
  • (###) ###-####
  • Please tell us the name of your child who attends PS165Q. No worries if you have more than one child here. But you must have at least one!
  • Please tell what class the above student is assigned to. (example 3-328)
  • Please tell us the name of your child's teacher.
  • Volunteer Opportunities

    Our school has a very active parent community and we hope you'll consider joining us. Please let us know if you are interested in assisting us in any of the areas below.
  • Interested in becoming a Parent Leader. You can participate on many levels, shaping the future of our children's educational experiences. We will send you more information by email.
  • Please share with us any special skills or talents you have and additional comments or questions, in the space below.
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