Help Wanted!

PS165Q Parent Volunteers Needed

These are areas where we need parent support the most.
Translators – Bilingual Buddies
  • Assist with translating at Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Assist with translating at the PTA General Membership Meeting
  • Assist with translating as needed to assist parents in-school
School Picture Day
  • Assist each class of students to prepare for taking their photo
  • Assisting the photographer with lining up the students on the stage
  • Assuring that all student classes on your list have been photographed
PTA Book Fair – Multi Day Event
  • Assist with setting up books each morning of the sale
  • Assisting with the actual book sale during the school day
  • Assisting with packing books and storing at the end of the day
PTA General Membership Meeting Support – Monthly
  • Assist with greeting Patents, Teachers and Students
  • SOTM Book Table Monitor
  • Pre-Meeting Setup
    • Set up Sign-In table with sign in sheets, pens, clipboards, copies of financial report, agenda, minutes, etc.
    • Prepare table with water and snacks
    • Prepare table to display books for Students of the Month
    • Bring up donation box and signage
  • After Meeting Assistance
    • Pack Student of the Month Books and return to storage
    • Return unused water and snacks to storage
    • Return tables to their original positions
Yearbook Support – Throughout School Year
  • This is an ongoing project throughout the school year
  • Assist with gathering student photos (baby photos, event photos, etc)
  • Assist with gathering information needed from each 5th grade class
Valentine’s Day Sale – Multi Day Event
  • Assist with filing orders and inflating balloons
  • Assist with delivering orders to student’s classrooms
  • Assist with gathering information needed from each 5th grade class
Student of the Month (SOTM) Support – Monthly
  • Assist with gathering student names for each class
  • Assist with preparing personalized award certificates
  • Assist with gathering inserts to be included in SOTM folder
  • Assist with labeling & assembling the SOTM Folders for presentation
BoxTops for Education (BTFE)
  • Assist with gathering, sorting and counting BTFE
  • Assist with preparing valid BTFE coupons for submission.
NEW! Website & Email Communications Support
  • Assist with gathering names and email addresses
  • Assist with posting events on the PTA Calendar
  • Assist with creating PTA Graphics, Fliers and mailings
  • Assist with maintaining Online PTA Store
NEW! PTA Store Support – as needed
  • Assist with preparing orders; delivering to classroom
  • Assist with maintaining PTA Store items; reordering
School Field Trips – as needed
  • Assist with ensuring safety during student transportation
  • Assist children with minor issues as they arrise
  • Accompany children to the restrooms


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