Arrival Procedures for Pre-Kindergarten Students:

Parents will escort their children directly into the school.

You should enter through the Main School Entrance on 150th Street.  The doors will open at 8:20 am daily signaling the start of the school day.

All Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms are on the First Floor.

  • Pre-K 001 children will report to Room 111
  • Pre-K 002 children will report to Room 113
  • Pre-K 003 children will report to Room 114
From September 6th to September 21:

Pre-K parents will walk their children directly to their classrooms.  Parents will then be directed to exit from the Main Entrance only so instruction and socialization may begin in these classes.

Beginning Monday, September 24th:

Pre-K parents will be greeted at 8:20 am at the Main Entrance by school staff, who will then bring the children directly to their classrooms.

Kindergarten students will enter PS1650 at the 70th Road Auditorium entrance and parents may escort students to their Auditorium seats for the first two days of school (September 6 and 7) and then leave via the 70th Road door. Beginning Monday. September 10, parents walk all kindergarten students to the 70th Road door but do not enter the building. Kindergarten classroom teachers will meet their students in the auditorium. Only Prekindergarten students will enter through the Main Entrance on 150th Street for an 8:20 am start of the school day.


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