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Got BoxTops – Send ’em to School Now!

We Love Box Tops for Education
Get your BoxTops out and tape them to these new collection sheets. It’s time to send them in so we can get them counted and submitted. You can also check our school’s earnings on their website.





Bedtime Math at PS165Q – Free

A new study led by University of Chicago psychologists and published in Science shows Bedtime Math significantly boosts kids’ math performance. Within just one school year, kids who did Bedtime Math improved their math achievement on average by three months more than children who didn’t. Better yet, kids of the most math-anxious parents who chose to do Bedtime Math had gains of half a school year. Read more about it here.

Get the exciting new version of the Bedtime Math mobile app! Now available in both English and Spanish in the same app! Click for the daily math problem, a surprise problem, or any math problem in our archive, which you can browse to find your favorite topics. An improved layout, a dozen new animations and friendly sound effects makes this the best app for bedtime or anytime!

With an average rating of 4.75 stars on the App Store, we’ve reached the top 20 free education apps on iTunes, and were also rated the “Best Free App of the Day on iOS” by

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