About the PTA of PS165Q

The Parent Teacher Association of P.S.165Q consists of general members and Executive Board members.

[important]Membership is Free and automatic for all teachers and parents, guardians or persons in parental relation to a child enrolled at PS165Q and are considered General Members of the PTA. Executive Board members are elected and consist of  president (or co-presidents in our PTA), vice-presidents, treasurer, secretaries, and  members-at-large.[/important]

The PTA officers and parent volunteers of P.S.165Q work hard to supplement and enrich our students’ educational experience.  Monies from fundraising efforts are used to pay for special assembly programs such as Brain Challenge, a popular “game show” program.

Gifts from the PTA to graduates have included a fifth grader year books and a special tee-shirt for kindergarteners.

The PTA also sponsors programs such as Family Arts Nights, Health and Safety Programs, Parent Workshops and many other exciting and informative programs.

[important]The best way to stay informed about what’s going on in school and with your children is to attend PTA meetings.  Student of the Month Awards are presented at the meetings, and we often have special speakers and community program information as well.   Attending meetings and speaking up will also empower you to have your concerns heard and addressed.   At PTA meetings, you are invited to raise questions and share comments and/or concerns about school policies and your children.[/important]

Please put the meeting dates on your personal calendar when posted.

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